Crystallized honey fix

A big myth in the honey world is that crystallized honey is no good.

This is far from the truth! All good honey will crystallize with a few exceptions. So, what “fixes” do we have to our crystallized honey? Up next I’ll list the solutions.

The “I want it fast” fix
Put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds let it set 2-3 minutes, shake it then repeat until it gets liquid. If you only have a small amount of honey, 10-15 seconds of heating will suffice. Do not try to get it clear like when it was purchased you will over heat it and ruin the honey. Just get it liquid and do not worry about the crystals still floating.

The “Hot summer day” fix
Ok, not necessarily on summer but if you have a warm day put it on your car. Depending on the amount of crystallized honey you have 2-3 hours and it will be just like the day it was bought.

The old “Hot tap water” fix
You also can put in hot tap water until it liquifies. Remember above everything do not boil your honey!