Guillermo & Julián Mexican Organic and Fair Trade Honey

Guillermo & Julián Foundation



The Guillermo & Julián Foundation was created with the purpose of aiding the Mexican beekeepers' development. Mexico is currently the 4th biggest honey producer in the world and one of the main exporters to the European Union, nevertheless this fact is not reflected in the quality of life of the beekepers, the reason for this being the lack of certificates that could add additional value to their products. This is why we, at Guillermo & Julián decided to create the Guillermo & Julián Foundation. The Foundation's main objective is to aid in the development of the Mexican beekeeper.


Our main objective is to leverage private and public funds and use the resources to prepare and execute diverse training, certification and modernization programs for the mexican beekeeper.


Through our connections with several different organic certification consulting groups the Guillermo & Julián Foundation leverages funds in order to improve in a notable way the quality of life of beekeepers in Mexico.