Guillermo & Julián Mexican Organic and Fair Trade Honey


Mexico is a country that manifests the perfect connection between nature and history, where its traditions reflect the essence of the warmth and kindness of its people.

Its multiple regions immerse you in the diversity of natural ecosystems, as well as modern and colonial cities where past and present merge to create its unique atmosphere. In each city we can find traces of the country’s history, a history that has defined the Mexican people as solidary and charismatic.

Mexico is not just rich in culture and nature but also in its gastronomy which is unique in the world, as it creates a fusion of prehispanic spices with Spanish colonial food, giving origin to the traditional Mexican food, rich in flavours and aromas you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Discover Mexico through Guillermo & Julián's products. You will be able to enjoy the particular flavour of our multiple regions.


Yucatan is a legendary land filled with fantastic stories, it´s a state that offers impressive archaeological wonders, caves, water holes, its own music and a sublime gastronomy, which is a great example of Mexican cuisine.

Its fascinating gastronomy is a mixture of millennium old Mayan recipes and traditional Spanish cuisine, giving your palate an immense range of flavours that capture your senses.

Yucatan is the perfect fusion of past and present, in cities like Merida, Valladolid and Izamal you will find the modernity of the 21st century with the perfectionist details of the colonial Mexico and also the prehispanic Mexican ornaments.

Likewise its great biodiversity makes it a natural showcase of great beauty, thanks to having precious beaches, humid tropical forests, the exclusive cenotes (water holes) of the region. All this and more makes Yucatan in an ideal place to carry out a variety of activities.


Famous for its lively and colourful festivals, as well as for its exuberant vegetation, Chiapas is home for multiple Indigenous communities as Maya, Tzotzil, Lacandon, among others… Those communities earn their living from the nature that surrounds them, preserving their traditions and customs in the purest way possible.

Being home of ancient Mayan cultures, grand archaeological sites are still preserved, such as de marvelous ruins of Palenque, where the legendary King Pakal ruled, transforming Palenque in the incredible historical site we enjoy nowadays.

Chiapas is one of the most privileged states in terms of biodiversity as well as its natural beauty, from its famous Agua Azul waterfalls, to the monumental Sumidero Canyon, Chiapas has positioned itself worldwide as one of the compulsory destinations in Mexico to enjoy some of the purest environments in its nature.