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Yucatan Honey

Yucatan's honey is a unique product of Mayan tradition, honey that is produced across the lands of the beautiful Yucatan peninsula thanks to the flowers of Dzidzilche and Tajonal among others, plants whose flowering gives the honey great body and flavour, besides a dark amber colour, that enchants feelings with the strength of its aromas and the delicacy of its flavours.

Honey production is an ancient Mayan tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula. Honey producers continue using traditional methods, incorporating new international regulations.

Location of the apiary:
Timucuy and Dzitas, Yucatan, Mexico
Multifloral, Dzidzilche, Tajonal and Tzalam, among other flowers

Honey Guillermo y Julin
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Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 100 g
Servings: 2.5
Calories: 1,209.99 kJ (289 kcal)
Proteins: 0.29 g
Carbohydrates:72.00 g (Of which 72.00 g are Sugars)
Sodium: 0.00 g
Total Fat: 0.00 g