Guillermo & Juilán Mexikanischer Bio und Fair Trade Honig

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Yucatan Organic Habanero Honey

Honey and Habanero Peppers are two of the most characteristic products of the Yucatan peninsula. By mixing our delicious Yucatan Certified Organic Honey with Yucatan Certified Organic Habanero Peppers, we have achieved a unique and exquisite flavour leaving your palate with a slightly spicy feeling combined with the sweetness of our honey. It's a piece of Yucatan's culinary magic in a jar.

Both the honey and the peppers are produced in the Yucatan Peninsula. The honey's natural mixture of Dzidzilche, Tajonal and Tzalam flowers provide it with a dark amber colouring, and make it greatly bodied, with a supreme aroma and exquisite taste. The peppers are produced in Kinchil, a rural community of Mayan artisans.

Ort des Bienenhauses:
Timicuy und Dzitas, Yucatan, Mexiko
Vielblütig, Dzidzilche, Tajonal und Tzalam und andere Blumen

Honey Guillermo y Julin
Manufactured by: Comercio y Estrategias Digitales
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Portionsgröße: 100 g
Portionen: 2.5
Kalorien: 1,209.99 kJ (289 kcal)
Proteine: 0.29 g
Kohlenhydrate:72.00 g (Davon sind 72g Zucker)
Natrium: 0.00 g
Gesamtfett: 0.00 g